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EXCLUSIVE: Set Pictures From new TV series ‘+234′ Starring Anthony Monjaro, Tosyn Bucknor, Judith Audu and Tope Tedela

Rushing Tap production has released a first look at it’s new show+234 a TV drama series set in an outsourced call centre starring Anthony Monjaro, Tosyn Bucknor, Judith Audu...

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First trailer and poster for BANSHEE Season 3

Cinemax has put out the poster and trailer for the 3rd season of Banshee and from the scenes in this 1min+ video, we can easily deduce that the show...

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Trailer for Short Nigerian Film from 5PM

5PM is a 30 minutes 6-cast member Romantic Comedy drama that affects the relationship lives of young adults and youths of today, with sources of laughter in it. The...

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Watch Trailer for PITCH PERFECT 2

2012’s Pitch Perfect was a hit movie and Universal Studio is hoping that its sequel Pitch Perfect 2 would be even better and earn them load of bucks at...

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Idris Elba Will Finally Return as LUTHER

For people like myself who followed the BBC series starring Idris Elba, Luther, you would like the News that he is going to return as Luther yet again. Its a...

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Film Review – Interstellar

One of the things that you get watching a Christopher Nolan movie is that, it gets you on the edge of your seat and yes, I really got that...

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Those adorable ‘Despicable Me’ characters are back in the Official Trailer for MINIONS

If, like myself, the highlights of Despicable Me 1&2 for you involved scenes with the minions then i am sure you would like this newly released trailer from Universal...

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Official Trailer for FAST & FURIOUS 7 is Out and it looks Good

The trailer for Fast and the Furious 7 which has been officially titled Furious 7 has been released, months before its scheduled 2015 release date and this trailer which...

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