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Watch: Insanely Cool First Trailer for THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming final chapter in the story of The Hobbit – The Hobbit The Battle of Five Armies is out and it’s just as...

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Watch: Family Matters Intefer With Alex Ekubo and Venita Akpofure’s Wedding Plans in AKAN

The trailer for Alex Ekubo’s upcoming movie directed by Desmond Elliott Akan is out and this family drama just might catch the attention of some or not. The movie follows a young man,...

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Red Viper’s brother and Other New Characters Revealed for GAME OF THRONES Season 5

While a couple of people still find it hard to believe that season 4 of Game of Thrones has ended and are trying to come to terms with the events...

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Picture This: Full Batsuit for Batman vs Superman revealed at Comic-Con

Having seen an image of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit a while back, Warner Bros has revealed the full length Batsuit to be used in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn...

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Ex-SUPERMAN and PRISON-BREAK Star Appear in First Teaser for Season 3 of ARROW

Damn its been a while since i really had time to blog about movies and TV series and it’s even more strange that one of the first things i’d...

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10 Dull Movies of 2014 So Far… You Might Want To Avoid These

We’ve entered the second half of 2014 and so far tons of good, bad and ugly movies have been released with some worse than other. This post takes a...

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Watch: Queen Elizabeth II Visits GAME OF THRONES’ Iron Throne

When pictures from Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh’s meeting with the cast and crew of Game of Thrones in Belfast on the 24th June 2014 were released...

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Surprising Unanimous Viewers Reviews of the Leaked THE FLASH pilot

The pilot episode of CW’s The Flash which is scheduled to premiere on the 7th of October has leaked online and while that might be seen as a major blow...

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