Nigerian Films and their Ridiculous Titles

Nigerian Films and their Ridiculous Titles


A number of friends have mentioned that i need to resume blogging again so i figured the best way to get back in the game would be to open up a blog category where i can easy share my thoughts in a couple of lines.

Before i get dragged off somewhere i’d like to quickly talk about this trend of terrible Nigerian movie titles out there; i came across the poster for a Nigerian film this afternoon with the title MyBet or something of sort, merely looking at the title brings to mind the Nigerian betting platform NairaBet (you may have seen it from those browser pop-ups) but that wasn’t all the people behind this film copied as they went further to adapt the same font and color style for NairaBet to come up with their title. Now that is just lame, you have to wonder if they put any thought into these things before they come up with the titles, story line or poster. Speaking of poster and story line, here’s one which went viral some weeks ago – like seriously a Nigerian “Bat-Man” what next Wonder Woman of the Niger Delta?


A number of people might be tempted to say the issue of terrible titles only happens with the LBF’s (Low Budget Films), however having followed a couple of these things for a while, i believe it’s a general problem and if you do think about it, you will realize how ridiculous most of the titles are. For example i know a couple of people, including myself, that are not too impressed with the title for Kunle Afolayan’s upcoming movie which he calls The CEO but lets leave talk about that movie and its title till when a review will be posted here.

Hopefully with the new age of actors and directors entering the movie biz we will get to see some changes in this aspect of titling and all real soon.