First Look At The New Autobot Vehicles For TRANSFORMERS 4 Including a $2.4Million Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

Not a lot of people are excited that another Transformers movie is being made without the original cast being involved however a number of that lot might be impressed with the vehicles which would be used in the movie.

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies, i was able to come cross the first pictures of the vehicles the autobots would be transforming into and vice-versa in Transformers 4 and i figured a number of car lovers out there would be impressed by the selection (a Truck, a Corvette and a Bugatti).

Production of Transformers 4 which stars Mark Wahlberg has started already and according to the information gotten the cast and crew are on location in Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation near the border of Arizona and Utah.

Transformers 4 is expected to open in cinemas June 27, 2014 so watch out for more pictures and videos from the set of the movie.


The 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray


Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse (Worth about $2.4 million.or more)


Optimus Prime in his Truck mode

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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