Check Out This Image of Ben Affleck as Batman in a New...

Check Out This Image of Ben Affleck as Batman in a New Batsuit


Ben Affleck has been named the new Bruce Wayne/Batman, people have shouted, signed petitions and finally majority (if not All) of the fanboys have gotten quite concerning this decision.

[Update] Click here for first look at official new batsuit

While his ability to put out a decent performance as The Dark Knight is still being questioned by some, others would really like to know what Ben would look like in the batsuit which is what comic book artist Steve Scott has come up with in a new drawing of his. According to GeekTyrant, Steve worked with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight comic book so it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing and from the little notes on the drawing, some modifications will have to be made for Ben Affleck like getting rid of the nipples on the batsuit and trimming the long freakish ears on the mask.

The suit looks good to an extent and if they do decide to go with something like this, they should focus on that mask which isn’t too impressive.

Ben affleck-batman-artSource: CBM