Audio Clip: “It Will Be Difficult For Majid To Play An American…”...

Audio Clip: “It Will Be Difficult For Majid To Play An American…” – Nigerian Director, Kunle Afolayan, Talks About Casting Ghanaians


Kunle Afolayan whose latest movie Phone Swap is now showing in cinema’s is currently one of the most sought after and probably the most revered film maker out of Africa right now. His last movie Figurine was a big hit with the audience as the usual movies made from that region are hardly up to the standard.

With the amount of noise his current movie is getting, Kunle Afolayan’s Phone Swap moved from premiering in Nigeria to Ghana were Nigerian movies have got a huge number of followers.

In an interview with Ghana Celebrities, Kunle Afolayan talked about his decision to cast Lydia Forson in Phone Swap and his intentions concerning casting other Ghanaians in future. According to Kunle, casting actors from Ghana is not a problem for him, however they have to portray their nationalities as that works fine for him.

Listen to the audio clip below and lets know what you think about this assertion of his.