‘Captain Planet’ Movie Adaptation Might Finally Happen At Sony

‘Captain Planet’ Movie Adaptation Might Finally Happen At Sony


Following the increasing number of cartoons getting movie adaptations, Captain Planet and the Planeteers seems to be on that same path at SONY studios and it’s about time too.

Over the years a couple of Captain Planet type fan-made trailers have been put out and when it looked like the adaptation will never go forward, THR broke the News that Sony is working on finalizing a deal which would see them produce the live-action film which would be directed by  Don Murphy (Transformers, Natural Born KillersReal Steel), Mark Gordon (The Patriot, Broken Arrow2012) and Susan Montford (Shoot ‘Em Up).

With producers like that attached to the movie, the movie adaptation of Captain Planet might finally soar and take on pollution like he did in the cartoon however is it past it’s time and do they really need a live-action movie?

We’ll bring you more updates on this as it becomes available.

Source: THR