Hate It or Love It, Production of PROMETHEUS 2 Is Moving Ahead

Hate It or Love It, Production of PROMETHEUS 2 Is Moving Ahead

Michael fassbender in prometheus

After it’s much anticipated release, Prometheus suffered in the hands of audience all around as the movie fell short of what was expected. However that didn’t stop the movie from raking in $403 million worldwide having been produced with budget of about $130 million which left some asking if the story might continue.

The bad News for those that didn’t like the first movie and wished they never sat down to watch it and a good News for those of us that liked the movie, is that production of Prometheus 2 will go on as previously rumored.

According to the information gotten, 20th Century Fox has decided to let move forward with the movie by recruiting Jack Paglen to helm the script for the movie. Paglen is relatively unknown in the movie industry however his upcoming movie Transcendence which stars Johnny Depp, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman, and Rebecca Hall ought to give his profile a nudge.

It’s unclear how this movie will tie into the whole alien picture people expected for the first movie, however it’s the world of movies where anything is possible so don’t be quick to write this one off yet.