JACOB’S CROSS Alum, Mampho Brescia, Talks about Her New Role on ISIBAYA

JACOB’S CROSS Alum, Mampho Brescia, Talks about Her New Role on ISIBAYA

Jacobs Cross alum Mampho Brescia

South African actress- Mampho Brescia, best known for her role as Zanele in the popular M-Net series Jacob’s Cross has got a new gig playing Iris Zungu (who she describes as a “an absolute bi*ch/modern Mfaze we Phepha/a modern lady Macbeth“) in IsiBaya and in a recent interview with Sowetan Live, the actress talks about her role and relating to the character.

Check out the synopsis for IsiBaya which is already gaining popularity below followed by the interview culled from Sowetan Live.

Set on the backdrop of the taxi industry, with two young lovers, torn apart by a century old feud between two powerful families. From a valley long divided by too little resources the bitter feud continues in Egoli, the city of gold as the Zungu’s seek to build their fortune. The promise of riches and old cycles of revenge tears them apart but one man’s quest for reconciliation & peace leads them all to understand that they can prosper together. Isibaya, depicts the everyday struggle for wealth and power between the Zungus and the Ndlovus. This struggle is reflected in the title – Isibaya; meaning (The Kraal , where a herd of cattle and goats are kept).

Sowetan Live: How different is Mampho from Iris?

Mampho Brescia: As an actor, it is my job to understand and respect the character I am portraying, without being judgmental. In terms of my personal characteristics, one of the major differences from Iris is that I am aware that what goes around comes around, and that true happiness is achieved as a result of personal peace rather than only from the security of material wealth.

Does Mampho have any similarities with Iris?

We are both intensely feminine, we both appreciate nice things although maybe not for the same reasons.an absolute bi*ch

Please define Iris’s character from your own views?

She is a modern Mfaze we Phepha. She has huge ambitions, a modern lady Macbeth. Ruthless, manipulative, focused, a modern material girl.

Iris is an absolute bi*ch as well as very manipulative, will her high status ever come to an end? Watch and see…If there is one thing I have learned in life is that the only constant thing is change.

Have you come across ladies who are like Iris? Are there any?

Of course there are, it is why the character resonates with the public and is well integrated in the story line.


Before Isibaya what were you up to?

I was living and working in Los Angeles within the film/ tv industry. It has been a great formative experience.

Tell us more about your acting career, when did it kick off?

I have been acting since I was a child. It has been a constant passion in my life. It allows me to explore different facets and personalities. It is important for me, though, to be a whole person, and nurture my personal growth as well as professional ambitions.

What are your greatest lessons in acting?

Listening and reacting. Understanding that it is not only about me but whoever I am interacting with and the situation that my character is immersed in, being true to the moment.

How is the public reacting to you since playing Iris?

It’s great to see how people enjoy the character (Iris) and appreciate the work I perform in bringing her to screen. Most people can differentiate between the actor and the character.

Would you say your role on isiBaya is one of your biggest career role?

Maybe in terms of public perception. Each part I have interpreted has played an important role in my growth as an actor, by allowing me to delve into a variety of characters and having the opportunity to work with some great professionals.

Picture Credit: the pamcam (photography)