John Dumelo, Before Acting, Had Other Plans Which Involved Women

John Dumelo, Before Acting, Had Other Plans Which Involved Women


John Dumelo is one of those actors ladies tend to goo-goo-gaa-gaa over and the actor whom has starred in a number of movies that got people talking isn’t oblivious of this. In an interview with Claudia Lumor of Glitz Africa Celebrity Magazine for the maiden edition of the magazine, the actor opened up on past dreams before acting and what he would like to do in years to come.

Talking about his acting career, John Dumelo mentioned that acting was not always his lifelong ambition as he once had other plans- “I wanted to be a gynaecologist to take care of women of course” he said. However at the end of the day he studied engineering at college.

John further took time to clear the air regarding some rumours about him being gay saying- “It is normal because of the fact that I’ve done two or three movies where my character was gay so people will probably think like that but I guess it is also because I played the role well. The fact that you play a character well doesn’t mean you are like the character, besides movies are made to be educative and entertaining so you know what gay people go through. I love women.

With regards to future plans, it seems John would also like to make a transition into movie making on a big scale as he admitted- “I’m in front of a camera now so going behind the camera in future will be something good

Source: Ghana Celebrities