Interesting Stuff: Kenya’s Film Board “Promotes” Leonardo DiCaprio’s WOLF OF WALL STREET...

Interesting Stuff: Kenya’s Film Board “Promotes” Leonardo DiCaprio’s WOLF OF WALL STREET By Banning It

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s  latest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio has been criticized by many for its portrayal of drugs, alcohol, nudity amongst other things. However that doesn’t make it easy to stomach when word gets out that Kenya’s Film Classification Board has banned the movie in Kenya.

According to a post on the boards’ Facebook page, the movie has been banned to protect the Kenyan public from the indecent content captured in the movie. There is a LIMIT to everything and we believe the Kenyan public deserves better. WOLF OF WALL STREET has been RESTRICTED. The film is NOT for sale, exhibition or distribution in KENYA. Violators shall be PROSECUTED.”

After the announcement to ban the hit movie was made, tons of comments were posted online where people revealed their interest to get the movie at all cost and see what exactly Kenya’s Film Classification Board was trying to protect them from. Now this isn’t expected for a movie which has been recently banned in a region which makes one wonder if the members of the board ever took this into consideration when they decided to ban the movie.

Earlier today the board took it upon itself explain it’s stance on the movie being distributed in Kenya, stating that We have been advised that Wolf of Wall Street is NOT pornographic but is FULL of NUDITY, SEX, DEBAUCHERY, HEDONISM, VULGARITY, CURSING and BLATANT ABUSE OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. Pornography IS FULL OF sex and nudity.”

Kenya has banned the movie and is sticking by it’s decision to do so. One can’t help but onder if any other country in Africa will follow suit and thereby unwittingly promote the movie there