Ah Come On!! Kirsten Stewart’s Snow White Movie Will Get A Sequel

Universal Pictures’ announcement at CinemaCon that they would be moving on with Fast and Furious 7 was quite big but that wasn’t the last update from the studio who also announced that the not so spectacular Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kirsten Stewart and the hit movie would Pitch Perfect would get 2015 sequels.

With Snow White and the Huntsman (budget of $170 Million) grossing almost $400 Million worldwide and with Pitch Perfect (budget of $17 Million) grossing $112 Million, it’s really no surprise why the studio would like to milk this movies for what they’re worth.

I know a couple of people who won’t bother going to watch Snow White 2 in the cinemas as the first one was a bit dull and made them doze off. Question is would you want to see another Snow White movie?

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