Ah Come On!! Kirsten Stewart’s Snow White Movie Will Get A Sequel

Universal Pictures’ announcement at CinemaCon that they would be moving on with Fast and Furious 7 was quite big but that wasn’t the last update from the studio who also announced that the not so spectacular¬†Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kirsten Stewart and the hit movie would Pitch Perfect would get 2015 sequels.

With Snow White and the Huntsman (budget of $170 Million) grossing almost $400 Million worldwide and with Pitch Perfect (budget of $17 Million) grossing $112 Million, it’s really no surprise why the studio would like to milk this movies for what they’re worth.

I know a couple of people who won’t bother going to watch Snow White 2 in the cinemas as the first one was a bit dull and made them doze off. Question is would you want to see another Snow White movie?

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