Kunle Afolayan Brings ‘Storyland’ Back To Life With His New Animations

Kunle Afolayan Brings ‘Storyland’ Back To Life With His New Animations


Golden Effects Pictures and award winning Figurine director Kunle Afolayan started a series of short animations in Yoruba language about 2wks ago which would bring back memories of Jimi Solanke’s Storyland.

The latest animation from Afolayan is titled Slumber and was made available online 2 days ago. Slumber which is less than 2mins starts off with the narrator opening with “Alo O“, a way of beginning folktales/stories in Western Nigeria and then posing a riddle which he goes on to explain.

The clip whose animation was created by ArtleticWorks and created by Ropo Ewenla & Kunle Afolayan is short and straight to the point but it hits the mark in terms of delivery and visuals.

For people who grew up watching Storyland hosted and narrated by Jimi Solanke, this would certainly bring back memories which would put a smile on their face. And for those who tend to believe originality and ties to the western culture are going extinct, this is also something they would like to see.

Check out the video for Slumber below and go to Kunle Afolayan’s YouTube Page for more short videos.