Must Watch Video: Hilarious Nigerian Animation Clip “Bad Gbedu Season 1”

This has to be the funniest clip out of Nigeria that i have seen in a long time and it’s also probably the best Nigerian animation i have seen in ages.

The clip is set somewhere around Iganmu in Lagos-Nigeria (not too far from the National Theater) and it features two guys who are trying to chill out at home after a the usual “hustle” in Lagos.

The graphics, dialogue and effects of this animation are real impressive and whoever came up with this cartoon needs to be praised for coming up with something like this.

The exact title for the animation is unknown however “Bad Gbedu season 1” which was uttered before the “craze” began seems like an ample title for this hilarious clip. The video clip captures the whole thing and really doesn’t require much talk, other than to just tell viewers – Enjoy!!!

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