New AY’s Crib Episode “August Visitor” Plus Why The Series On YouTube...

New AY’s Crib Episode “August Visitor” Plus Why The Series On YouTube Was Stopped


A new episode of AY’s crib is out and it’s impossible to say for how long this one would be available. Nigerian comedian AY started the comedy series (described as “satire of contemporary issues and events webbed in wholesome comedy“) some time in 2012 but after uploading 2 episodes, the comedian stopped uploading episodes of the series on his YouTube page.

Uploaded only a few days ago, the 19min long episode has got over 4000views and counting which would be described as a spectacular feat. However AY won’t be quick to upload another episode as the actor is out looking for an avenue to make money out of his series and who can blame him. The comedian made this known by saying “I AM SO GLAD TO KNOW THAT YOU GUYS LIKE THIS EPISODE…. NOW I AM TEMPTED TO UPLOAD ANOTHER. BUT I NEED TO MAKE MONEY FROM IT TOO NA… WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

AY's reason

What ever reason made AY share August Visitor is unknown at this point but while it’s available, check out the funny episode after the jump.