An Open Letter to CEO of Ghana Movie Awards from Actor Prince...

An Open Letter to CEO of Ghana Movie Awards from Actor Prince David Osei

Ghana Movie Awards

When the News broke that Idris Elba was being considered in for Best Supporting actor for his role in the critically acclaimed Beasts of No Nation, a number of people voiced their displeasure with this and hoped it was only some sort of rumor which would not progress any further. Unfortunately that was not to be as not only did Idris Elba get nominated for the category, but the movie which is considered a non-Ghanaian movie got highest nominations when the full list was released.

In the wake of this decision from the organizers to consider actors’ Idris Elba and Jimmy Jean Louis for the 2015 edition of the award event and also nominate Beasts of the Nation over every other movie, actor Prince david Osei has penned an open letter to the CEO of the Ghana movie awards via his Instagram page which has come to my attention and is worth checking out;

Mr Frederick Nuamah firstly, we want to thank you for GMA, an award which is geared to honour film makers and practitioners in Ghana. Hence Ghana Movie Awards not European or Arabian or Ghana Netflix Awards.

Since the inception of this prestigious awards people have always doubted the credibility of this award; whether it’s awards for friends and family of Frederick Nuamah or for Ghana Film industry??? Some of us have kept quiet because we thought it will get better over the years, for goodness sake!! this is the 6th edition and there’s still no improvement. Though am not in Ghana have seen nomination list online with Beast of No Nation topping with 15 nominations.

Let us reason here Mr Ceo and your judges. .There’s no disputing the fact that Beast of No Nation is great by all standards even seen billboard all over Hollywood Boulevard promoting the movie. It starred Ghanaian actors and was shot entirely in Ghana,with stupendous performances from Abraham the new kid making Ghana proud, Ama K, David Dontoh to mention but few.

Now to the issue at hand, Mr Ceo how do u nominate a full Hollywood movie owned by Netflix for Ghana Movie Awards not even in international movie category but 15 nominations?? I remember very well when we attempted submitting the Hollywood low budget movie I did Thedead you and your team declined it in 2012 saying it’s an international movie though shot in Africa.

How do you encourage young industrious film makers fighting against all odds to make an industry since we don’t have one. If you nominate our local movies against Hollywood movies with a budget of 6millions dollars how can they go wrong?? With 6millions dollars they resourceful, so obviously they will make a good film against us struggling to even have producers, actors have now turned producers!!!

What a SHAME for our industry. To thyself be true and stop leaving in denial. Thanks for nominating my movie LAST NIGHT for Best Actor in Leading role….but fix it!!!

We the industry players not happy with you Mr GMA….Prince david osei and friends for positive change in our industry….God bless Ghana Movies… @eddienartey @ameyaw112