Sad Stuff! PERSON OF INTEREST might be Cancelled After this Season

Sad Stuff! PERSON OF INTEREST might be Cancelled After this Season

Person of interest

This is certainly not News i expected to get so soon –  one of my favorite series, Person of Interest will likely be cancelled after the upcoming 5th season is wrapped up.

According to the executive producer of the show J.J Abrams, CBS is likely not to renew the show and he made this clear at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Saturday.

Here’s what Abrams had to say about Person of Interest – “My guess is it is the final season,” Abrams said. “The only heartbreak there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have continued. Jonah [Nolan] and Greg Plageman have done such an amazing job on that show. I know what these episodes are, that they’re done wrapping it up. We don’t yet have a schedule. But I know they will see the light of day, [and] people will get to see these episodes. I know the power of that story. Again, to have a show that goes on as many years as that has, it’s very hard to complain. It’s a miracle to get a show on the air and to have it last that long is something that we should just be grateful for. But I do love that show and I would’ve loved to see that continue.”

For those who have not been following the Person of Interest, it’s certainly a great series which is worth checking out. Everything from the chemistry between the cast, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the acting etc makes it one of the series i try not to miss an episode of it.

While it’s still unclear as to why CBS will cancel a show which is a fan favorite, one can only hope J.J Abrams is wrong about this one and the studio does go on to make another season after this. While we wait for an official confirmation from CBS, the studio needs to at least announce the release date of season 5 and not delay the premiere any longer so it does not become like Da Vinci Demons which went off for so long only to return for a last season that was hardly intriguing.

Source: EW