Stallone Names Australian Director, Patrick Hughes, To Helm Expendables 3

Some days ago Sylvester Stallone asked what fans thought of Australian actor/director Mel Gibson joining Expendables 3 as the director to which the response was largely positive. However after trying to get the Mad Max actor on board Sly announced that Mel wouldn’t be joining the project after all saying “Sorry, tried hard, Mel’s living his own life….“.

With Mel Gibson out of the running and John Woo out as well (busy in China according to Sly), Stallone started a search for new blood to take on Expendables 3 started and now it seems that search is over as another Australian director- Patrick Hughes has been selected to direct the movie.

Patrick Hughes is relatively unknown to most people however the Aussie’s 2010 movie Red Hill was well received by Stallone who decided to meet the director and get him signed on for the project.

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