Tunde Kelani Working on New Scenes For Funke Akindele Movie Maami

Legendary film maker Tunde Kelani (Oleku, Saworoide and Magun aka Thunderbolt) has decided to add some scenes to his critically acclaimed movie Maami which stars Funke Akindele. According to the actor the scenes were in the original script but for reason he decided to leave them out.

According Mainframe Movies, Tunde Kelani likens himself to a painter who can go on adding effects to his/her painting till  the result is deemed perfect. At this point it’s unclear how many scenes would be added to the movie and how this would affect it’s length but i am sure true fans of his movies (Mainframe Productions) wouldn’t mind.

I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t just shoot these scenes before if it was truly in the original script and then go on to provide an option to view “deleted scenes” when the DVD is released.

Source: Mainframe Movies

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