Who Wants This as Ben Affleck’s Batsuit For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?

Who Wants This as Ben Affleck’s Batsuit For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’?


While we are awaiting production of Batman Vs. Superman to begin so we can get a look at Ben Affleck in the Batsuit as Batman, an image of an allegedly leaked concept art for the batsuit has surfaced online.

Before we all get excited because of this image which apparently i from the 2011 graphic novel Batman: Noel, i am quite sure it’s not the real deal and just something now making the rounds to get people talking. However it’s also interesting to note that while some people are screaming it’s a fake and that it looks bad, others feel this batsuit looks good and would want it in the upcoming movie.

Back in September i came across a drawing by Steve Scott of what the batsuit would look like and while that one got a number of people commenting on the suit, this one would pull even more comments as it looks pretty lame to me (hopefully the real one doesn’t disappoint).

Check out the batsuit below and lets know which side you belong to; do you think this isn’t good enough to appear in the movie or do you think this could work as the batsuit in the movie.