“Gillette Didn’t Complete their work”… 5 WTF Moments From MAN OF STEEL

“Gillette Didn’t Complete their work”… 5 WTF Moments From MAN OF STEEL

Henry Cavill as Superman with Amy Adams Lois Lane

Man Of Steel was one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 however the movie’s director Zack Snyder and it’s writer David Goyer managed to do the movie over by trying to spice it up a bit too much with this reboot of theirs.

There are a number of basics in Superman’s origin which have been left just the way they were, till now that is when Goyer decided he could do better which ended up leaving a look of disappointment on the face of many viewers while some hissed out of the cinema.

With many A-list actors employed in Man Of Steel, a number of things which stood out in the movie and we have put them together here as 5 WTF moments from Man Of Steel (Starting with the funny ones).

The curtain called a cape: While we get to see that it’s not only Superman who wears the cape, looking at his own while stretched out would make you wonder how exactly he gets to move around as it seems his cape was purchased at a curtain store or a store for wedding gowns. Good thing is, you’re sure anywhere this Man Of Steel goes, the road will be clean lol 😀

superman gilette shave

Gillette Didn’t Complete their work: I remember coming across an ad by Warner Bros. and Gillette which tried to sole the mystery behind how Superman shaves. While they managed to solve that mystery over the course of the movie by getting rid of his beards, they missed a big spot- on his Chest. It’s probably the first time that i’d come across the man of steel with the hair on his chest creeping up his neck while he had his suit on.

The superglue theory: While watching the movie, the scenes were Superman got beaten and hurled through a number of buildings came up and someone asked the question on my mind “How does his hair stay that sleek?” you’ve gotta see it to understand and the only rib cracking conclusion that could be reached was “Superman holds his hair in place with a superglue so it doesn’t interfere

Lois Lane discovers Clark Kent: One of the revelations in Man Of Steel which made the movie lose fans who were eager to watch the movie because of the name “Christopher Nolan” attached to it has to be Lois Lane discovering that an alien (later called Superman) lived amongst humans on a farm in Kansas and get’s the story of his life from him.

Who’s That Girl: Antje Traue plays Faora, Zod’s Sub-Commander who get’s to literally knock some sense into Superman and the US Army. Sad to say the main “Wow” moment in Man Of Steel didn’t involve Clark Kent/Superman but rather involved Faora. However that fight scene was would leave you stunned unfortunately there’s no rewind button to view it some more.

That’s all we’ve got for now till the next WTF Movie Moments. Kindly let us know what you think about the new Superman movie – Man of Steel with the poll below.

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  1. My Opinion of MOS:

    1) one good thing I noticed was that the fights and all was VERY similar to what we saw in the cartoons.

    2) 1min u hv total holocaust-like destructn of skyscrapers. Next minute u c perfectly ok skyscrapers wt lights & all. Thumbs down!!!!

    3) Story Line was too tampered with. Lois Lane went too much out her reporter status. Plenty inconsistencies. Horrible/lame one-liners. Thankfully not too much tho.

    4) another issue I had, the CGI was too Game-Like. Was too obvious they used models.

    5) yes the sleekness also! You fight for 1hr and your hair stays in perfect shape. Not even a lil mud/dirt smudge on the face! Dang mehn! Mi o gullible to yen nah!

    6) I believe the next one would be better. This was a little too rushed!

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  3. This controversial “man of steel” tho.
    There’s only so much that can be done to tweak superman for film.
    Me thinks it shld be left at the comic book/ graphic novel/ animation stages.
    There’s never gonna be a bad enough villain unless c.g.i developed.
    Can they make a realistic enough LOBO?
    well I haven’t seen the movie so what do I know?

    • Well personally i don’t think they should quit simply because not everyone liked it, People didn’t like Iron Man 2 and the franchise ca,e back stronger with Iron Man 3. I just believe they need a good script.
      About Lobo, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was initially attached to the movie adaptation but for some reason he pulled out early this year.

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