Episode 1 of Gbenga Salu’s New Web Mini-Series ’10:10′ (Review + Full...

Episode 1 of Gbenga Salu’s New Web Mini-Series ’10:10′ (Review + Full Video)


Nigerian director, Gbenga Salu, who is best known for directing some impressive music videos has just released the first episode for his new suspense-filled web mini-series 10:10 which i had to check out.

Gbenga Salu wrote and directed this mini-series which he also appears in, alongside Arome Ameh, Evaezi Ogoro, tope gbenga-Salu, Emmanuel Kings, Chika Odimba and Francis Azubike.

Here’s the official synopsis:

A family’s simple night sleep is interrupted by a gang of three desperate ruthless thieves who are on the run after a robbery gone wrong. The family is held hostage and must accommodate the unwelcome guests until dawn, when they can then safely make their escape. With each passing minute, the night soon goes from plain bad to insanely ugly as a lot of secrets are revealed with devastating consequences.

The characters in this first episode of 10:10 tagged The Intrusion tries as much as possible to keep it real which is commendable and seeing as Gbenga has had a lot of time to perfect his video directing, he comes through this time as well. On the surface it appears to be going somewhere until you start to listen or try to listen to them as the case may be – and then the lack of depth in the interaction between the characters and a hollow outline for this episode becomes obvious.

While The Intrusion has it’s moments from the second you press play till the closing credits start rolling. However it doesn’t exactly keep the viewer asking for more either by the it’s over and would most likely have people asking “is that all?” once it’s over.

Check out the episode below and if you dig it, watch out for the next episode which is supposed to be released online on Thursday 20th June 2013.