Finally Time For “Revelation” In The Latest Episode of Gbenga Salu’s 10:10

Posted 1:20 pm on July 6, 2013 By Mistah Cole

1010 mini series from Gbenga Salu

There is a new episode from the suspense filled web-series by Gbenga Salu titled 10:10 and this one tagged ‘Revelation‘ begins to show how the funny and surprising elements we have been watching in the past episode unravel.

For those that are just coming across the web-series, here’s the synopsis followed by the video

A family’s simple night sleep is interrupted by a gang of three desperate ruthless thieves who are on the run after a robbery gone wrong. The family is held hostage and must accommodate the unwelcome guests until dawn, when they can then safely make their escape. The night soon goes from plain bad to insanely ugly as a lot of secrets are revealed with devastating consequences.


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