It’s all About “Betrayal” In Episode 13 of ARROW

It’s all About “Betrayal” In Episode 13 of ARROW


If the latest episode of Arrow is anything to go by, the series just might be finally picking up after all the mindless dulling people like myself were subjected to watching the first 12 episodes.

So far the adversaries Oliver/The Hood has faced really had nothing vicious about them to hold me captivated and this one is no different from the others as David Anders (Heroes) who played a con recently released from prison and out for the kill was more of a talkative but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get a bit interesting.

In this episode tagged Betrayal, Oliver/Green Arrow is trying to come to terms with the fact that his mom had a copy of his “hit-list” all the while at a time when a gangster known as Cyrus Vanch (David Anders), incarcerated on a number of counts, is released from Iron Heights prison and out to take down “The Hood”.

As usual the annoying flashbacks continue in this episode however while the previous flashbacks were sort of lame, the introduction of Oliver Queen to Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (played by Manu Bennette -Crixus in Spartacus) helped to liven up this episode a bit. Slade doesn’t warm up to Oliver immediately however after a while he comes around and decides to teach Oliver one or two things about survival, defense & attack.

Another interesting part of this episode comes from the angle of Oliver and Moira Queen who have issues to settle between them. After Oliver get’s to know of Moira’s knowledge of the diary with names of people who had failed the city, he asked her about it which she feigned ignorance however when it was obvious she was hiding something, The Hood Paid her a visit.

The flashbacks in Arrow always annoy me for one reason or the other probably due to the lack of depth and i can only hope the writers develop the story of Oliver Queen on the island properly seeing as villains in the modern day are not so ferocious or compelling.

I still can’t stop comparing Smallville to Arrow and looking at the two shows closely, it wouldn’t hurt if the writers took time to work on the villains of this show or develop the flashback some more if that would work better as the series at this rate has only one end in sight, non-renewal after season 1.

Mark: 5.9/10

Arrow will return on the 13th of September with the episode The Odyssey