“I enjoyed this, and you kind of feel the spirit of Nolan...

“I enjoyed this, and you kind of feel the spirit of Nolan in it” MAN OF STEEL Review


As everyone else, I have been anticipating this film for some time, but I was also a bit concerned that eventhough Christopher Nolan (the master of The Dark Knight Trilogy) was the producer and the story co-writer of this film, he wasn’t going to be the director. When I read that Zack Snyder was going to take the job, I had mixed feelings. On one hand, Snyder’s ability to maintain a brilliant visual picture is amazing and no one can deny it. However, and on the other hand, Snyder rarely impresses me when it comes to theatrical essence and spiritual delivery. And these two elements have been major parts in superhero movies, or else we will be just watching a Sony Playstation videogame!

This being said, I would like to highlight that when it comes to acting, there were two categories: Category A, consisting of great actors such as Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon who unfortunately increased my feeling of the “videogame” thing and again it is because there was no director extracting their spirit. It was watching two great actors do an audition, I was like “really?”… Within this same category, there was Henry Cavill. Seriously, if it was a director like Nolan, again he would have made Cavill throw himself much more. This is not an issue. I am pretty sure Cavill will mature ahead of Man of Steel 2 because he has what it takes to be the new Superman. I’m positive about this. Now, Category B belonged to Kevin Costner. He is also a director, which is why he was able to put his own method in the scenes he was part of. To me, Costner was the best part of the film, especially in the tornado scene and that hand he raises and waves with to Clark!

As for the storytelling, I really liked how the story was narrated and the flashbacks were exactly put in a very linear aspect, in such a non-linear narrative, even though certain things didn’t make sense sometimes even in the world of superheroes. I enjoyed this, and you kind of feel the spirit of Nolan in it. As for the score, Hans Zimmer was always there impressing as usual in parallel with great action scenes and CGI effects.

I look forward to Man of Steel 2 but I sure hope that it would be a much better one than this. It is a franchise that is as important as Batman, speaking of which, I so hope Nolan would take on the directing chair in part 2. It would really make more sense!

Rating: 6/10