Movie Marker Review: Not Everyone is looking Forward To THE WOLVERINE

Movie Marker Review: Not Everyone is looking Forward To THE WOLVERINE


Even if this movie is not showing yet, the highest score i can give to it is a 5/10, and it even that will depend on if i like the movie or not. But mostly i will hate it.

Why is the highest rate a 5 out of 10?
HISTORY: XMEN movies suck and WOLVERINE ORIGINS sucks big time.

Which brings me to its story, the story of the upcoming WOLVERINE movie is revealed to be a continuation from XMEN LAST STAND, do u guys remember that movie? let me remind u if you don’t. At the end of that movie, Wolverine was the revealed to be the only one who could defeat the PHOENIX, why? because of his healing powers. It was made more superior than HULK’s healing powers and so how does this make THE WOLVERINE movie suck? because smart people like me already know that they made him so unbeatable.

Whatever his enemy does with a sword or any ninja weapons, he can’t be beaten. You cant kill someone whose body, skin or even hair grows or heals that fast. lol now how can u convince me that those villains can defeat him? or maybe drive him to his limit? even so if he’s at his limit THE SUPER HEALING POWERS would still work than his normal state.

A character named VIPER, who i know to be an expert in poisoning, has been introduced for this movie. Question is, can he defeat Wolverine or even make him weak through poison? IT SUCKS! why? HEALING POWERS also include rejecting poisons or even wine. he can throw it up.

I am not convinced that those characters involved can defeat wolverine physically mentally or even internally hehe.

I still love the old fashion fist fight and i believe there are other  marvel character that are more convincing to take on and defeat wolverine than a person with poison or even one with a samurai sword.

Theres a lot of things iv been reading about that movie and i doesnt like it. like the BODYGUARD thing, lol

What ever they do or reveal, such as cool posters, 3D posters, a trailer of The phoenix having sex with him in his dream im just kidding lol cant make me waste my money on watching that movie in a cinema.

Maybe a lot of people will like this new WOLVERINE MOVIE more than MAN OF STEEL but not me! because its not dark its funny hehe

Don’t get me wrong i LOVE XMEN more than AVENGERS, but i also hate those damn movies.

Rating: 5/10

Written by Johnson S Visperas via At The Movies


  1. I like your point of view but I have grown from being crtitically critic to having a critically-perspective view. I will prefer to keep my fingers crossed on the Wolverine movie. Asides Professor X, Wolverine is my best next character in the X-men and I don’t mind any director’s “new” perspective to any comic character. Take the new Man of Steel for exanmple. It’s a good movie with a good build up of Kal-El’s history and not forgetting, from another director’s point of view. Such movie makes Superman die-hard fans like me wince at new theories but on a second thought, it’s not really bad. Only that I can’t compare. So for Wolverine, fingers crossed.