Phawazz’s Top 5 Movies of 2013

Phawazz’s Top 5 Movies of 2013


Putting together a list of best movies for a particular period is always an interesting process which involves looking back at the incredible movies released and selecting the ones that really hit the mark.

The exact number of movies I watched in 2013- a lot. However these ones are my best for the year:

5. Gravity
This movie was made with a $100m and it as grossed over $650m. It is already being hailed as the best 3D movie ever, the story (without giving too much away) is mind blowing. That said, most people still consider it boring and inaccurate.

4. Man of Steel 
One of the most anticipated movie this year turned out Right (Considering the history). Zack Snyder finally got it right. Colossal destruction the likes of which have never been seen on screen, Highest Grossing Re-boot of all time, Hans Zimmers soundtrack, A proper origin story. Still don’t think it’s a great movie? Watch “Superman Returns”.

3, American Hustle
After David O. Russell’s Oscar rampage last year with “Silver Lining Playbook”, he comes back with an ensemble cast that features Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, Louis C.K., Micheal Pena, and  an uncredited Robert De Niro. 

2. Wolf of Wall Street
The movie that finally gets Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar? The story based on the real life tale of Jordan Belfort is refreshing as it is funny. It’s got all you need in a movie and you can see that the product of Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio’s 5th on screen collaboration is a Masterpiece. 

1. Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks, Somali Pirates, Paul Greengrass. A story based on the Heroics of the title character is a movie that had critics and audiences spellbound from the beginning to the  end. Seriously, can Tom Hanks ever appear in a bad movie?

Honourable Mentions   
1, The Conjuring
2, The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug
3, Star Trek Into Darkness
4, We’re the Millers
5, Despicable Me 2
6, The Heat
7, Nebraska
8, Frozen