Updated: Review: Season 1 of ‘Ay’s Crib’ Kicks Off

Updated: Review: Season 1 of ‘Ay’s Crib’ Kicks Off


AY’s Crib, a sitcom created by AY and co-directed by Ay and Patrick Ovoke Odjegba, stars Ay playing himself, Alexx Ekubor as JJ, Bucci franklin as KC, Justice Nuagbe Ushbebe as Ush and Venita Akpofure as Mimi, tells the story of a younger version of Ay who lives in a house with two of his university friends and a distant cousin from Warri who serves as his gateman while dating Mimi, his rich, spoilt girlfriend.

AY’s Crib is described as “satire of contemporary issues and events webbed in wholesome comedy” and in the premiere episode of the series titled “Subsidy Palava” it manages to set that very tone.

Nigeria was hit with a major strike action that affected the economy when the government subsidy was removed from oil price in the nation. “Subsidy Palava” is set in a similar period when the price of fuel increased by a wide margin affecting the price of goods and services.

AY, in a bid to cushion the effects of the subsidy removal on himself, decides to stage his own subsidy removal which he announces during an Executive council meeting. What this means is that the way his flatmates (JJ, KC, Ushbebe aka Ush and Mimi) have been living would have to be altered as he would be cutting back on some expenses such as amount of fuel being bought which indirectly affects ability to use a Blackberry device in that house or “Crib”. With the new subsidy removal laws in place, the flatmates decided to gang up against AY and make him revert to the way things were before, only AY isn’t listening to anyone.

The episode ends up just above 26 mins which is a far more than i would have expected for a series with a very shallow plot like this, still AY tries to make the best of it. The jokes are a bit flat in this one and while it is understandable that the episode is all about subsidy removal it is tough to miss the word “Subsidy” being used one time too many but then again who’s counting right?

There were some high points for this episode though, one of which i’d say were the characters. AY has managed to create some interesting characters for this show of his and i have a feeling they would pull in more viewers given a good script and some better lines.

My verdict- if you love those AY skits or AY Live shows posted on YouTube and shared by people, then this is one you might want to check out being a true fan of the comedian, AY. However if you’re one of those people looking for a series that would make you laugh till you drop or series that would make you reason and say at the end “Niceeee”, you might want to stay away from this one.


Let’s see what episode 2 will be like. Meanwhile check out the first episode “Subsidy Palava” after the jump.


Apparently AY’s camp pulled the video for Subsidy Palava uploaded on YouTube so you’ll have to watch out for it on TV.