Cossy Orjiakor and Derenle Edun Go Spiritual In The Trailer For BEACH...

Cossy Orjiakor and Derenle Edun Go Spiritual In The Trailer For BEACH 24

Beach 24 Starring Denrele Edun and Cossy Orjiakor

There’s a new trailer which would certainly attract some comments once people get around to watch it and it’s the trailer for Emmanuel Ehumadu’s thriller titled Beach 24.

Beach 24 is one of those movies that tries to get you working with the cast to define what is actually happening as bodies keeping piling up and the wrong things just don’t stop happening. It stars a number of actors, however its Cossy Orjiakor and Derenle Edun that really caught my attention in this trailer as they try to add another point to their acting resume. Though after watching the trailer i’m still not sure i would like to sit down to watch this one

Here’s the synopsis for the movie

Brandon (Junior Pope) an undergraduate of a University decided to mark his birthday with his friends at the BEACH. 10 of them (5 guys, 5 girls) set out to the beach. It was meant to be a harmless fun party… until something went wrong. Something or someone at the beach took their lives one at a time. Who or what is responsible for their death? Let the mystery unfold in the drama…. BEACH 24.

The movie which also stars Emma Ehumadu, Junior Pope, Cha-Cha Eke, IK Ogbonna, Nonye Ike, Victor Godfrey, Honey Willis, and  Daniel Lloyd is scheduled to be released in 2013.

Check out the trailer below…