New Trailer “Meet The Cast” From the New TV Show GIDI CULTURE

Gidi Culture (Home) is an upcoming Nigerian TV show which was directed by Tunde Anjorin, The show explores the lives of 6 young Nigerians in different social classes; their dreams, struggles and triumphs.

Gidi Culture stars some familiar faces and names as well as some fresh faces. But the lead actors in the series are; Toni ‘Tones’ Adefuye, Beddie Memberr Rodrigo, Seun Ajayi, Seun Kentebe, Kiki Omeili, Meg Otanwa, Omotayo Olowu , Amarachukwu Onoh.

At this point there isn’t much information on when the series will premiere however the trailer you find after the jump will make you interested in seeing it whenever they decide to start airing it.


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