Trailer For Uche Jombo’s New Film A Mother’s Fight Premieres

Trailer For Uche Jombo’s New Film A Mother’s Fight Premieres


Uche Jombo-Rodriguez wrapped work on her latest movie A Mother’s Fight a while back and now the trailer for the Abiriba Advocacy screening is available for fans of the actress to check out.

A Mother’s Fight follows a young widow, Ngozi, who strives against all odds and societal challenges to overcome a series of barbaric rites and traditions ensuring she and her daughters get the best in life after the death of her husband.

According to the actress, the inspiration to make a movie like this came from knowing it was like when her mother who lost her husband “A Mother’s Fight was borne out of that experience and it is one sad story I have waited all my life to shoot at the appropriate time. It is high time people knew that widows are part of the society and it is in no way their fault that they got married into their husband’s family. Widow’s ought to be celebrated not denigrated and treated like non-entities as the case is at present in some cultures. This charity event is an initiative billed to encourage widows to exploit their strength in weakness and prosper beyond societal huddles.

A Mother’s Fight will be premiered at Uche Jombo’s hometown in Abiriba-Abia state on the 24th of December 2012.