Watch: New Documentary on The African Sea goddess “Lady In The Water”

37thSTATE presents a documentary diving into the myth of Mami Wata in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. Is she a benevolent force for good fortune, health, and endless riches—or is she a jealous force for evil, unleashing trouble and wreaking havoc on those that cross her?

Directed by Tolu Itegboje and produced by Bolaji Kekere- Ekun, Lady In The Water is the latest release from 37thSTATE that seeks to expose the long-revered and long-feared legend of the water-goddess widely known as “Mami Wata”. The documentary also acknowledges the different manifestations of the ‘lady in the water’ archetype across Africa as well as on other continents.

Lady in the Water serves a great prelude to 37thSTATE’s short-film, Nkiru, available online from the 6th of December 2012

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