Watch: Teaser for THE WALKING DEAD’s February return

Watch: Teaser for THE WALKING DEAD’s February return

The Walking Dead

Definitely one of my best shows at the moment, AMC’s The Walking Dead which keeps impressing viewers with each episode is going to leave a void until it return February next year.

While this season has dragged a bit using flashbacks (Nthing as annoying as the ones seen on CW’s Arrow), the show has still managed to keep followers like myself talking about it and trying to guess what the outcome of it all would be like. Only a handful of good shows have that effect these days.

We’ve not really got much action in the show since the era of the governor, the prologue video for the 2016 return of the series teases the kind of opposition they are going to face when they get to cross parts with Negan the new threat to their community played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Check out the teaser clip after the jump.