Review: IP MAN 3

Review: IP MAN 3

IP Man 3

As a huge fan of kung fu movies, all things Donnie Yen and the Ip Man franchise, i was not going to miss the concluding chapter – IP Man 3 for anything as the build up was sensational.

Waiting for IP Man 3 to be released seemed like forever and my only wish was that the movie should be worth it. well the wait is over and now i can put that chapter behind me.. Well maybe after this brief review that is.

Having watched the previous IP Man movies a number of times, the thought of seeing Donnie Yen in action against Mike Tyson was really the highlight of part 3 and also one of the main promo aspects of the movie. That plus the thought of seeing the late Bruce Lee again on screen.

My take on IP Man 3 is this, it actually is a good movie however the previous ones were better. The story was not as compelling as the previous movies not were the fight scenes, most especially the one with Tyson and Yen as insane as you’d expect from Donnie Yen who we all know what he is capable of as IP Man. Some might be quick to come to the defense of the movie that the it is not really about the fighting and should be seen for more that just that. There’s a point there, as little as it may be, but the fight scenes is what really drew me to this movie franchise, the manner with which Donnie Yen displays his work and shows off what he is capable of pulling off is one which will get any action movie lover hooked and that bit got me.

While discussing the movie with some friends i noticed everyone had the same opinion of the movie, it was toned down a bit compared to the others. While i am not sure if this was intentional due to the age of Yen and the character he is playing, i would like to go with that theory.

For those looking for an action movie to check out, you should check out the franchise. The performance, choreography, stunts and plot was well put together and will impress most fans of this type of movies.

My mark for this one – 6.5/10


  1. Donnie is fascinating, the story moves right along, and the martial arts sequences are impressive. Conclusion, is a very worthy movie to watch.