“SOMETHING WICKED” Review: Yemi Morafa‘s Psycho Thriller Boasts Big Talents & Well‘...

“SOMETHING WICKED” Review: Yemi Morafa‘s Psycho Thriller Boasts Big Talents & Well‘ The Annihilation Of Said Talents


Nollywood directors often get too comfortable with their Lacklustre dramas packed with comedic foolery, unintelligent humour and jesters tagged actors. “It keeps the lights on, YES” but sadly continues the circle of mediocre productions that the industry is associated with. Director Yemi Morafa with Something Wicked is deviating from that, and with Something Wicked he just might have awakened a new wave and a distinct fusion. Combining the right ratio of a thrilling drama with a well put together comedic stint, both genres and parts of the film standing resolute and equally brilliant, it could have been two different films. The film was screened at the Filmhouse Cinema Surulere – Feb 14th, Valentines day, and i was present to witness the crowds ecstatic ovation and applause bestowed upon the ensemble cast, director and producers “JAF Alliance”, Its safe to say this movie is a must watch.

Something Wicked took off mildly with the first few scenes drawing you into a comfortable state of hysteria. Iretiola Doyles “Hauwa” would be considered the lead, but so also could have been anyone else‘s character. (Gabriel Afolayans “Daniel” coupled with “Vivian” his girlfriend played by Omowunmi Dada, Beverly Naya‘s “Becca” and her cheating boyfriend “Oscar” played by Timmi Egbusun) all kept the viewers glued while waiting for the action to be turned on. Like the Sun Adesua Etomis “Claudia” was the vibrant and fiery furnace of lot, being “Hauwas” assistant and packed with a mouth full of sexual innuendos – the sisterhood and friendship between employer and employee was a breather and a hilarious one to watch at that, coupled with Claudias quest to romantically attain the Psycho Hunk “Abel” – Her Bosses stay at home nephew, which as you’ll find out was literally a brain shattering relationship.

Like all good things, too much of it and you’ve got problem, the hilarious spin to the film dragged on for too long leaving you wondering when the actions and thriller promised will ensue. Current Big brother Nigeria Housemate Bisola Aiyeola made several cameos and was literally off for a dip in the canal “don’t worry you’ll see what im talking about”. A Police inspector with a name you’ll wanna smack off his lips and not that Adesua‘sClaudia” didn’t have a go at the poor man.

The breakthrough acts eventually got the film rolling Okey Uzoeshi and 2017 AMVCA Nominated Ivie Okujaye. The latter undoubtedly was a revelation playing the hearing impaired daughter of Hauwa whose only utterance in the film justifies a standing ovation and got the film turned on its head. Okey Was equally stunning, a mortifying figure and if you will believe him – literally the defender of the family “A psycho one”.
Summarily Something wicked is absolutely gorgeous, with impressive shots. The director managing to weave all that comedy-drama and horror, with a beautiful scenery, to churn out what would be considered a Nollywood cult thriller in years to come. The film ends with a Cliffhanger that begets a sequel or better still it being left alone? Leave your comments on that in the section below, we‘ll let you decide on that.

It’s enjoyable to watch a director’s imagination run wild when that director is as imaginative as Morafa, transforming a sunlight filled world into a gloomy dystopia in a matter of seconds. So I caught up with him after the screening and he had this to say on the choice of dialect, pattern and working with the cast. “The character hauwa is Hausa, and well I went to film school in Jos and even the writer went to the same film school. So we conceived the idea from that. We, coming from up north it came from that background”. He said on Hausa being used, also adding on the lengthy build to the climax “It was our narrative pattern we wanted to have the people love this characters fall in love with the individual characters, then when they see the final picture unfold they empathize with this characters” and full of praise for the cast he added “They are great actors! And professional too. So we didn’t have issues with anything! “Gabriel, Ireti, Adesua, Beverly” it was seamless, I cant even explain, i‘m overwhelmed by the fact that it was actually seamless.

Something Wicked is currently showing in cinemas across the nation.

Rating: 7.5/10